Will acne pits repair themselves?

Many people may have a very distressing a status quo, is when the face of the acne pits how to do, acne pits is mainly due to some kind of infection inflammation or due to the patient’s personal extrusion with external force led to a disease of the face it is mainly manifested in the face around the pores have some concave dots, the shape is like our edible orange peel, wrinkled not smooth, and each pore is very thick like A pit. Will acne pits repair themselves?

  The skin itself is delicate and smooth, and the pores are relatively small, whereas with acne scars they are more unevenly distributed and irregular, and the pits are more visible. The more serious the inflammation of the pits is, the more serious the damage to the skin will be, and the bigger the pits will be in the future. If you’re not going to use your hands to pick it, it will easily lead to the wound being deteriorated again, thus hurting the dermis of your face again and forming a pockmark that can never be eliminated, if you don’t use your hands to pick it, the color will slowly be deepened through the oxidation of air and ultraviolet radiation. The problem is that the pits will repair themselves, unless you use some other external power to make it repair, for example: you can use some skin care products that can repair acne marks, and apply them in the morning and evening, more or less to have some effect. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular products.

The problem of acne pits will repair themselves on the side to do a small summary, in addition to the use of efficacious skin care products, usually also need to eat less containing me to vegetation or dark-colored food to prevent deepening acne marks, drink more water or food containing more water, fully replenish the skin’s water, if you can drink a glass of tomato sweat every day or eat more tomatoes, because tomatoes have a better effect on acne marks or acne.

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