Why do you have blackheads?

Many people often have blackheads on both sides of the nose, and often use their hands to squeeze, the more squeeze the more serious, in this case will hurt the surface layer of the skin, so many people will ask what is the cause of blackheads in the end? In addition to how to completely remove blackheads, let’s learn more about it below!

  Why are there blackheads? Blackheads are actually what we often call blackhead pimples, often growing on both sides of the nose, in fact, this situation and often do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin, and often stay up late, living in a dusty place, will lead to this situation, and the high incidence of blackheads is the youth, it is mainly grown in the face, the front or back, especially the nose is the most above.

  Why there are blackheads, blackhead precautions, the next we get to know together, the

  The blackheads, many people will use the phone and, in fact, such a method is wrong, because the hands of bacteria is very much, if you go to squeeze the blackheads, it is easy to lead to skin injury will appear red and swollen, once red and swollen, it will lead to other parts of the infection, so in the appearance of blackheads, you can choose to use the mask method to remove, but need to adhere to a period of time to see the effect, and not 1 The effect can be achieved in just 1 to 2 times.

  Finally, why do you have blackheads and how do you do it? Let’s get to know each other.

  After the appearance of blackheads, you can choose to use baking soda to clean your face, when you wash your face every day, you must pay attention to the use of warm water, and remember to clean your face every day before going to bed, if makeup must be removed, so as to prevent the appearance of blackheads, if there are blackheads can also be removed in a timely manner.

  In addition, the appearance of blackheads may also have a very big relationship with clogged pores, so be sure to clean, in the choice of facial cleanser, you can choose a strong cleansing cleanser, so that you can achieve, clean face effect. You must pay more attention to hydrate your skin, so as to prevent skin aging problems.

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