Why do you get pimples on your forehead?

why girls like to keep the sea, in addition to modify the face shape, may also be to cover the forehead acne. The forehead acne often grows in the position of the hairline, so they often use hair to cover up in order to not show the acne, in fact, this makes the acne more difficult to heal. Why do forehead pimples grow? What is a good way to remove forehead acne.

  A. What are the reasons for forehead acne?

  If it’s an adolescent acne, it means you are young and will be fine after that period. But now many adults also have the trouble of acne, which may have the following reasons.

  1. Irregular life

  The pimples on your forehead keep popping up, and they all belong to the big grain pimples, that means your liver has accumulated too much toxins. Yes, pimples on the forehead and your liver are closely related. As a result of long-term irregular life, day and night reversal, long late nights, so that the liver and the normal detoxification time brushed aside, unable to remove the toxins in the body, will naturally accumulate in the body, until the outbreak.

  2. work pressure

  Many people in the white-collar class like to have acne on their foreheads, but they are long away from puberty, which is actually directly related to work pressure. The work pressure is too big, it will cause psychological boredom, the body’s secretion hormone will surge, sebum oil secretion can not be released, forehead acne.

  3. do not pay attention to sun protection

  When the skin is under the sun for a long time, it will secrete a lot of oil and other secretions, and if not cleaned and controlled in time, it will grow into acne and clog the pores.

  4. Radiation

  To the computer is the status quo of many office workers, long-term use of computers will not allow the human skin to breathe fresh air, plus many girls will have bangs, so the forehead skin is in a state of boredom all day long, metabolism is reduced, acne will naturally take root and sprout.

  5. endocrine

  Some girls, although beauty work is quite diligent, face oil is not much, but always will send some piece of small acne, then you need to go to see whether their endocrine normal, acne problems are likely to be caused by endocrine.

  6. heavy keratin

  Sometimes, dry skin can also grow acne, but not too much oil secretion, but the accumulation of keratin blocked the pores, “smothered” out of acne.

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