Why do you always have recurring acne

Patients with acne often have this confusion, I have tried very hard to treat acne, why it still keeps popping up, and often in the same place. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items.

Why repeatedly acne

Internal causes
To solve this problem, we must first understand the pathogenesis of acne (acne’s big name).

Simply put, acne is an inflammatory condition of the hair follicles caused by bacteria.

The causes are summarized as follows: excessive oil secretion clogs the pores, bacteria proliferate, and an inflammatory immune response occurs.

Experts reveal! Why do you always have recurring acne?
The patient who has frequent acne is more likely to secrete too much oil because of their own secretion factors, more sebaceous glands in the affected area, improper personal care and genetic factors.

With this premise, subsequent clogging of pores, bacteria and inflammation problems are likely to follow. And people who already have acne, because of the stimulation of bacteria and inflammation within their skin, make the skin fall into a vicious cycle of more acne, less skin resistance, and more acne.

External causes
The acne removal method is not suitable for you

Careful patients will find that the treatment drugs and means mentioned in previous articles are diverse. Indeed, there is no one medication or one ingredient that can be applied to all acne patients.

Topical medications: such as retinoids, such as adapalene gel; benzoyl peroxide gel; antibiotics, such as clindamycin and fusidic acid; and selenium disulfide lotion, can be used in conjunction with for cleansing the skin.

Medical skin care products contain ingredients that target acne relief: such as salicylic acid, azelaic acid, aloe vera gel, etc.

Of course the correct combination and use of such a large number of responsible drugs and acne ingredients is best to seek the help of a professional dermatologist, with professional guidance to carry out treatment can be safer and more effective in solving the problem.

Not adhering to enough time

The first is not to meet the full treatment time of acne skin care, the normal skin metabolism cycle is 41-75 days. If this time period is not reached, the original problem is not completely solved, new cells have not been generated, and the problems that appear on the surface of the skin will not disappear.

The second is the consolidation and maintenance time after the full course of treatment is adhered to. Doctors recommend that when acne treatment reaches the point where there are no visible lesions, the treatment should be maintained for a period of 6 months to 1 year. (Of course, at this stage, the amount and frequency of medication and skin care products can be reduced according to your own situation, and it is best to seek your doctor’s guidance on how to use them)

Squeezing pimples

Many acne sufferers have the habit of squeezing their pimples. Even if you must squeeze them, do not handle them yourself at home.

Squeezing acne does not guarantee sterilization, and there are many bacteria on your hands that can cause bacterial infections during the process.

The macrophages have already done their job, and after a squeeze, the immune cells’ “battlefield” is expanded, making it easier to form acne marks and scars.

Diet and rest

Many acne sufferers treat their condition while staying up late at night (11pm). Many acne sufferers stay up late (after 11pm) and eat foods that tend to disrupt their endocrine system (high sugar, dairy products, high fat foods). A similar situation often happens with patients from other departments.

So there are no shortcuts to get your skin back to health, it must be all about attention and conditioning. A Buddhist approach to acne treatment will certainly not yield good results.

To sum up

If you have a recurring acne problem because of internal reasons, you can adjust and treat the endocrine problem, and pay attention to daily skin care, which can alleviate the recurring problem. Patients with recurring acne because of external causes should not blindly treat themselves and seek more help from professional dermatologists. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

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