What can you eat to get rid of acne on your face?

During the treatment of acne and pimples, if you pay more attention to your diet, the effect will be consolidated more completely.So what can you eat to get rid of acne?

what can you eat to get rid of acne

  Eat more foods with zinc and calcium

  Zinc can increase resistance, accelerate protein synthesis and cell regeneration, and promote acne scar healing, while calcium can calm nerves. There are many foods rich in zinc, such as corn, lentils, soybeans, radishes, mushrooms, nuts, liver, scallops, etc. Milk, on the other hand, is the first choice for calcium supplementation

  Eat more vitamin-rich foods

  Special attention should be paid to vitamin A, B2, B6, C and E. Because vitamin A has a regenerative effect on the skin.

  Vitamin C is effective in repairing the tissues damaged by acne. Vitamin B2 and B6 are involved in metabolizing proteins and promoting fat metabolism, accelerating cellular bio-oxidation and calming acne.

  Foods containing vitamin A are roughly spinach, lettuce, apricots, mangoes, and fish eggs; soybean oil, nuts, and mushrooms and algae such as fungus and monkey head mushrooms are rich in vitamin E; and foods containing vitamin B2 and B6 are mostly concentrated in green leafy vegetables and fish.

  Eat more coarse fiber food

  Can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis to speed up metabolism, so that excess fat out of the body as soon as possible. Such foods are whole wheat bread, coarse grains, soybeans, bamboo shoots, etc.

  A taboo: avoid fatty and thick taste. Chinese medicine believes that acne originates from over-eating fat and sweet, so you should eat less fatty meat, fried and other greasy food and highly refined food. Such as: animal fat, animal brain, egg yolk, sesame, peanuts and a variety of sugar and high sugar-containing pastries and other foods should also be eaten less.

  Second avoid: avoid spicy warm. Because spicy food is easy to stimulate the nerves and blood vessels, easy to trigger acne recurrence. This kind of food such as wine, strong tea, coffee, chili, garlic, leeks, dog meat, bird meat, shrimp, etc. should not be eaten.

  In addition, foods that are sweet and warm, such as lamb, chicken, pumpkin, longan, chestnuts and carp, should also be eaten sparingly during treatment.

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