What are the causes of acne

What are the causes of acne? In addition to hormonal secretion during puberty, the causes of acne are also hidden around you, your own little habits, the products you choose have to be careful, if you are still fighting with acne, you may want to check to see if you have been hit by these points!

 What are the causes of acne

  1. The products you use for your face and hair contain silica

  The reason for acne is excessive sebum secretion and not properly metabolized, leading to pore blockage, resulting in inflammation and cysts, and most skin care and makeup products will add mineral oil (Mineraloil) or silicone (Silicones), both of which can exacerbate pore blockage, making acne conditions more serious, some hair products will also be added, remember to pay a little attention before buying, and some foreign brands will be specially noted: noncomedogenic, which means that the product after a special formula modulation, will not block the pores, you can rest assured that use.

  2. Your acne medicine is too stimulating

  Acid to reduce oil secretion, improve the acne condition has significant therapeutic effect, most of the medical use of A acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid and other acids and sulfur and other ingredients to treat, but this type of topical medicine, overuse or concentration is too high, it will make the skin more dry, but let the skin and secrete too much oil, and may even be over-stimulated, resulting in redness, dry and cracked situation, not only acne is not cured, but also The skin condition is getting worse and worse. Therefore, when using this type of acne topical medication, remember to consult a medical professional first, and do not think that the more you rub the faster the better, assess your own skin condition, if it is too irritating or too sensitive, rub once every two or three days, or two or three times a week is fine.

  3. You are over-exfoliating

  If you have to exfoliate two or three times a week, it is very likely to be the culprit of your acne has been unable to get better, after exfoliating usually feel the skin finer and better touch, but in fact, your skin’s stratum corneum is rubbed thinner and thinner, resulting in skin sensitivity, and even pores will secrete more oil to protect the skin, the result will make the skin clogged, plus if you use a bath brush, towel to exfoliate, but more The actual fact is that the bacteria on the pimples run around the skin, and the range is getting bigger and bigger, naturally it is getting more and more serious.

  In fact, the skin keratin will metabolize on its own, when the acne general cleaning is enough, do not need extra exfoliation, if the acne problem is serious, with a mild acid products to metabolize can be.

  4. You are using unsuitable laundry products

  If you have carefully selected skin care and hair products, but forgot that laundry detergent is also a product that will come into contact with your skin on a daily basis, especially many laundry products may contain chemical ingredients with strong cleaning power, these ingredients remain on clothing, sheets, pillowcases, towels, will make your skin allergic or form acne, if your acne how to do is not good, may wish to change a fragrance-free, dye-free, and through the dermatologist sensitivity test If you can’t get rid of your acne, try switching to a laundry product that is fragrance-free, dye-free and dermatologist tested for sensitivity.

  5. You use your hands too often to touch your face

  Do you often touch your face with your hands unconsciously? Whether it’s holding your cheeks, scratching, plucking your eyebrows, or even pushing your glasses, when your hands touch something else, it may bring bacteria to your face. Unless the acne has matured and fallen off on its own, please seek professional help to squeeze it, otherwise, squeezing it by hand will leave acne scars on the skin, which is more difficult to treat.

  6. Your diet and rest habits have gone wrong

  If you love to eat spicy food, drink sugary drinks, drink alcohol or smoke, why not try to quit for a month or two and observe if your acne has improved. In addition, there are professional medical methods to detect your body’s allergens and adjust them, and many people are cured of their acne through this method.

  7. You underestimate the UV rays

  It is not news that UV rays from the sun can cause cancer, but you may not know that it is also the cause of worsening acne. When exposed to the sun, it may dry out your skin and induce more oil, UV rays may also make the skin keratinized, allowing oil to clog pores and form acne.

  In addition, because the sunscreen factor is too super ingredients may add more mineral oil, so for people with acne-prone skin is not the higher the sunscreen factor is better, do not exceed SPF 30, and to refresh, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free sunscreen products are most suitable.

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