Tips for caring for various types of acne and scars

In order to really achieve a good anti-acne effect, “acne skin girls” must first understand the cause of their facial acne, and then according to their own situation, the right medicine, in order to really get the victory of anti-acne action.

  The first thing that you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

  The idea: inflammation of hair follicles, antibiotics can improve

  Normal work and rest but face full of acne

  Q: I didn’t have a lot of acne before, but now that I’m working and have a normal routine, I have acne all over my face. Most of my pimples are on my chin, sometimes on my left cheek and sometimes on my right. I apply lotion after showering and whitening lotion before going to bed.

  A: If you have done a complete cleansing procedure but still have acne, the main cause is hormonal imbalance caused by stress, which leads to acne.

  If the patient’s acne is red and swollen with white heads, it is a symptom of inflammation of the hair follicles, which can be cured by using oral or topical antibiotics.

  How to take care of big pimples before and after menstruation

  Idea: Hormonal imbalance Don’t cut big pimples

  Q: My daughter is 24 years old and has white and sensitive skin. Before her period or when she is too tired, she often has long, large pimples on her chin, between her ears, and on her nose. Is this a kind of sore? What should I do to prevent it? What should I do if it grows out?

  A: Acne around the time of physiological period is a hormonal imbalance. If it is serious, we suggest that you go to an obstetrics and gynecology clinic to diagnose and adjust the hormonal imbalance caused by the physiological period.

  For skin problems, oral or topical antibiotics can be used to cure the problem. Do not go to beauty salons to cut and squeeze out the acne, as it is more likely to cause bacterial infection and scarring.

  How to improve the visible acne scars

  Idea: To get rid of visible acne scars Consider L-C import

  Q: I have uneven skin tone and my acne scars are still visible after my acne has healed.

  A: Skin purifying laser or L-C introduction. L-C introduction costs about $1200 a time, and it is recommended to introduce it 1-2 times a week for 6-8 times in a row.

  How to remove deep acne scars

  Idea: To remove deep acne scars, you need to use medical aesthetics.

  Q:What is the best thing to use for acne? What should I do if I have acne scars? I hope the recommended medication is easily available in the market.

  A: Generally speaking, it is difficult to use commercially available scar removal products to eliminate acne scars when there are already grooves or scars on the affected area. At this time, you should choose a dermabrasion laser or fruit acid peel in order to effectively eliminate the acne scars.

  If you have acne on your face, don’t apply ointment on your own. It is recommended to go to a dermatologist and use a prescription. If you use commercially available acne medications, you will not be able to treat the right symptoms, and using the wrong medication may also increase the burden on your skin.

  Is it good to use laser for pits and scars on the face?

  Idea: More pits and scars on the face can be treated by laser

  Q: I have pits and scars on my face and I want to get a peel, is a laser better or are there other treatments? How much does it cost? Will there be any after-effects?

  A: Acne scars can be treated with erbium chrome laser, carbon dioxide laser, or nano shuttle laser.

  Nano Shuttle Laser

  However, the nano shuttle laser is a new technology, after the treatment, no wound can be seen on the surface of the skin, and there is only a slight red and hot feeling, so you can go back to work after applying ice, which is a new choice for lunch break beauty. For deep acne scars of the iceberg type, acne scar surgery can also be used to treat them.

  Nano Shuttle Laser uses a very fine nano laser beam to apply very small dots of light to the deep dermis of the skin in a zoned peel manner to achieve collagen renewal, improve enlarged pores and lighten pigmentation. It is a new technology that combines the advantages of vapor dermabrasion and non-dermabrasion lasers.

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