The two main ways to get rid of closed pimples

Closed pimples are actually small pimples that are not red or swollen on the surface and do not stand out, but are noticeably rough and pimply to the touch, and if you squeeze them with your hands, small oil-like particles appear.

  Closed pimples are different from ordinary pimples in that they are usually more numerous, hidden under the skin one by one, making the skin bulge and making the face feel pockmarked and uneven when viewed in bright light. Closed acne grows slowly over a period of time and eventually becomes a pimple that emerges from the deeper layers of the skin.

  So how toget rid of closed pimples quickly?

get rid of closed pimples

  First,Full hydration

  For closed acne skin, hydration is very important. The lack of water is also a major reason for the high oil secretion and easy clogging of the skin. Pay attention to the skin hydration and moisturizing, can make the skin in a healthy metabolic state, so that the pores naturally thin face, in the closed pores disappeared at the same time, the large pores are gone.

  Second, with the use of plant acne products

  Closed pimples have a great danger, if they are not effectively treated, they are likely to grow slowly and finally become pimples that emerge from the deeper layers of the skin. So when there is closed acne, friends also need to choose some effective acne products for treatment.

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