The pigmentation that makes the skin grow uglier and uglier, learn about it!

The common pigmentation can be divided into two categories: natural and acquired. Natural pigmentation includes moles and red birthmarks such as freckles, sun spots, chloasma (liver spots), and their skin hair, etc. There are four kinds of acquired pigmentation commonly, pigmentation after the inflammation leads to|the spots.

  1. Freckles

  Freckles are genetically inherited, and they start to grow when children are around 5 years old, mostly on the nose. Most of these spots cannot be removed.

  2. Sun spots

  Sun spots are very prominent and dominated by a ring shape, and they grow in the key position of the stork bone, which is easily exposed to the sun. Sun spots can be eliminated by using sunscreen products and face care products.

  3. Melasma (liver spot)

  Melasma loves women, and only women can grow it, and the appearance and hue are not significant, it grows on the cheeks and is dominated by symmetry on both sides. It is easy to grow during pregnancy, therefore, during pregnancy, you should pay attention to sunscreen isolation work. When the spots are not deep, it is possible to eliminate them with some beauty care products. If you use the Chinese medicine “liver and qi granules” to whiten and remove the spots, the actual effect is more significant.

  4. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  After the growth of acne, warm hold, because of the inflammation caused by the color to calm on the skin. If the disease is light, sometimes the melanin will subside on its own, but in serious cases, it will cause the skin to be unsmooth and the pigmentation will increase.

  Anti-spot and anti-spot preventive measures

  1. Eat more pure natural ingredients that can lighten pigmentation, especially fresh fruits that contain vitamin C, such as lime, orange, red grapes, millets, in addition to oat flour, green tea leaves, pig’s feet, white sesame, etc.; fish oil and vitamin B2, which also have the effect of lightening pigmentation, can be used appropriately.

  2. Try to avoid or prevent the direct sunlight immediately, if you go out for more than 15 minutes, make sure to configure sun hat, sun umbrella, sunscreen isolation skin care products and other sunscreen isolation special tools.

  3. Don’t be too fatigued, maintain a steady quality of sleep, and don’t stay up as late as possible.

  4. Proactive treatment of secondary diseases.

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