The fastest way to remove acne

Many people like to keep a hairstyle with bangs, but once the bangs are lifted, there may be a two pimples on the brain. This situation is not very depressing nuisance? The following teach you some acne tips to quickly and effectively help remove acne on the forehead Oh.

  1. honey salt packs acne salt can stimulate and promote the body’s sweat and sebaceous glands secretion, can help us eliminate the body aging and remove the surface of the dead skin layer, so that the skin to get new from the surface and inside. Honey is a good way to improve nutrition, promote skin metabolism, enhance skin vitality and antibacterial power, reduce pigmentation, prevent skin dryness, make skin soft, white and delicate, and reduce wrinkles and prevent skin disorders such as acne, and play an ideal role in skin care and beauty. The way: two tablespoons of honey and the right amount of salt mixed together in a certain direction, it is best to mix the honey and salt as smooth as possible, and then apply these on the forehead and cheeks, chin and other places with acne, massage with the fingertips, about ten minutes can be.
  2. salt water toothpaste to get rid of acne Salt water has a good anti-inflammatory effect, and toothpaste is able to help astringent sores, for acute acne or just emerging acne has a very good effect on the removal. Directions: Take a clean towel, dip it into light salt water, leave it completely wet and apply it to the location of the pimple. The temperature of the water should be slightly hot. After about 2 minutes then apply herbal toothpaste to it.
  3. aloe vera juice to apply acne The plant ingredients contained in aloe vera can effectively clear heat and detoxify the body, but also skin care and hydration. The use of aloe vera juice can help to effectively remove acne. The actual aloe vera is a very good choice for your own home.
  4. baking soda, oil, acne baking soda is an alkaline substance, and the oil on the forehead acne is acidic, the use of baking soda can soften the stratum corneum, to help maintain the pores of the smooth; and fine, oil has a very good anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, astringent pore role. The two together can effectively remove acne on the forehead quickly. Directions: Add a drop of essential oil to baking soda and mix with water to cleanse the forehead or entire face. You can also dip a cotton pad into it and apply it to the pimple location.
  5. oatmeal mask for acne Oats contain a lot of nutrients, on the one hand, can help fight acne, on the other hand, can also help solve the problem of dry skin, itching and so on. How: Add the right amount of oats to warm water and mix it well, clean your face and then evenly apply it on the acne location for about 10 minutes.
  6. cabbage leaves acne cabbage leaves contain a lot of water and vitamins, has a good whitening and hydration, remove acne effect. It is a good idea to use cabbage leaves on the acne location to get rid of acne and restore smooth elasticity to the skin at the same time. Directions: Wash fresh cabbage leaves and crush them with a clean wine bottle until the leaves are in a net paste. Then just put the cabbage leaves on the forehead pimple location.

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