Stop these actions when you are about to get acne

Whenever you have an important appointment, you will pay special attention to the skin condition, but the skin will be at this time the problem, really want to simply cancel the appointment not to go. In fact, there are different reasons for acne in each part of the body. The reason for this is to help you organize the causes of acne in various parts of the body, and try to avoid these habits in the future to reduce the chances of acne growth.

  Forehead acne

  The reason for acne in the forehead area is that there is too much heat in the body and the diet is too salty, or else the liver is in a state of burden. If you want to improve it, try to have at least 3 aerobic exercises every week and reduce the consumption of sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages!

  Acne on the nose

  The reason for acne on the nose is that there are problems with the stomach and kidneys! The reason may be that you have eaten too much stimulating food, roasted meat, and alcoholic beverages; another reason is that your hands often touch your nose unconsciously, which is also a very common cause of nose pimples. Another very common reason for nose pimples is constipation. To improve it, try to eat less stimulating food, eat more fruits and vegetables with high fiber, and try to improve it if you have the habit of touching your skin, otherwise you have to wash your hands often!

  Cheek pimples

  Usually the cheeks are less prone to acne, if it grows on the cheeks, it means that the distribution of skin oil is very uneven, too much oil secretion, and another reason is that your liver also has a bad problem. The solution is to enhance moisturizing, eat more vegetables, drink more water, and most importantly, get enough sleep! For the cheek acne will have a significant improvement ~

  Acne on the chin

  The cause of chin acne is endocrine imbalance that causes excessive acne, and a disruption of the physiological clock caused by the reversal of day and night will cause acne. The solution is to try to deep cleanse every week and to wash your neck often with body wash. Lastly, you must adjust your daily routine and not live like an owl.

  Acne on the back

  The last reason for acne on the back is that the water and oil on the back is not completely discharged, or a very common reason is that the back is often neglected to be thoroughly cleaned, if there is sweating or a long time smothered, and not cleaned at home will easily cause acne on the back. The solution is to wear very ventilated clothes to make the body feel cooler, and a bath a day will do Oh, not too many times will also cause an imbalance of oil and water instead of the opposite effect it!

  The girls should carefully clean every day, in addition to strengthen the moisturizer is also the best way to combat acne! Of course eating habits are also very important, otherwise even if the body is thin, face acne, then it does not look good ah, together with the girl towards the boiled egg muscle forward it.

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