Pimples turn into hard bumps

It’s a particularly distressing thing to have acne, and most people have experienced the torment of acne, which is recurring and also affects the aesthetics. But there are many different kinds of acne, including pustular acne, acne, inflammatory acne, etc. Different acne treatments are different. Some people who are troubled by acne find that their acne evolves from a small pimple at the beginning to a hard pimple, so what is going on?
In response, it is stressed that you should never squeeze them with your hands! This is exactly what happens with nodular acne.
One of the common types of acne inflammation is nodular acne. Nodular acne skin symptoms develop very quickly and have a complex effect, which is considered a difficult problem in the acne world, but you have to believe that kung fu does not have a heart!
Nodular acne is the result of acne pustules. A large amount of keratin, sebum, and pus cells accumulate on the face, severely damaging the sebaceous structure of the hair follicle, and the body reacts accordingly by forming fleshy nodules high on the skin surface, which are hard and painful when pressed.
Permanent scarring is the result of untimely treatment. Young men have the highest incidence of nodular acne, with the face and upper chest and back being the most common areas. However, this type of acne must be carefully distinguished from acne vulgaris, occupational acne, and rosacea so that each can be treated professionally for the best results.
So how do you take care of this type of acne?
1, when washing your face, you don’t have to be too frugal, using flowing water is necessary to clean this type of acne, because in addition to thorough cleaning to prevent cross-infection, for the sake of beauty and efficacy, it is worth using more water!
2, to carefully select cleaning items. Cleansing items must be chosen refreshing and low stimulation products, because most cases of acne are caused by excessive oil secretion clogging the pores. The acne-prone skin is generally oily, and the face wash with better oil control is more respected.
3, pay attention to the control of water temperature. It is important not to use hot water, because heat itself is a stimulus, will make the sebaceous glands secrete faster. Cold water is also not recommended, cold water face wash will make the oil in the pores more out, more likely to inflammation to form acne. The best thing is to use warm water that is about the same temperature as your body.
4, after washing your face, you can gently pat with cool water, which is good for shrinking pores and making the skin more delicate. The last step is to choose a refreshing water for the skin to adjust the PH value, and then apply the oil control acne better skin cream, so that the effect of acne faster.

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