There is a kind of despair, called “after 25 is still acne”

Nothing in this world doesn’t get old, except for one thing –Your acne.No matter to which shade your dark circles have darkened because of late nights, your hairline has receded a few centimeters because of overtime work.The pimples will always be there, always young, always making you cry.When you are a student, this thing is … Read more

Will acne heal on its own?

I often have friends with acne ask me this. “I don’t have money or time right now, can I ignore it?” “If I wait until I have more time or funds to treat it, is it okay?” Since acne is mainly related to the age of puberty, the theory and the fact is that the … Read more

The fastest way to remove acne

Many people like to keep a hairstyle with bangs, but once the bangs are lifted, there may be a two pimples on the brain. This situation is not very depressing nuisance? The following teach you some acne tips to quickly and effectively help remove acne on the forehead Oh. honey salt packs acne salt can … Read more

3 kinds of diet to deal with acne

Metabolic skin problems such as cellulite and acne plague many people. At the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatological Investigation, Susan Bershad, clinical associate professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, pointed out that following this “clean skin diet” can keep the threat of acne … Read more

Teach you how to get rid of menstrual acne?

The body detoxifies during menstruation, while the physiological level of the body also undergoes corresponding changes, especially the hormonal factors in the body, leading to the rise of keratinocytes and clogged pores, thus triggering acne.   To regulate this acne, in addition to using some acne removal products, there are some dietary taboos.   1. Keep your … Read more