Lip acne is intestinal “bad news” disfigure but also destroy the body!

Lip acne is just a “damage” on the face? No, lip acne can directly affect your intestinal health! Lip acne subdivision location, in addition to the location of the human acne is the urinary system, the rest is mostly intestinal heat trouble!

Lip acne

  The cause of lip acne is a big find!

  1, diet is greasy, stimulating.

  2, with too much fluoride toothpaste.

  3, persistent stool, intestinal tract accumulation.

  4, body moisture turbidity, sticky and unclean stool, toxin collection.

  5, irregular work and rest, resulting in the intestines can not work properly metabolism detoxification.

  Lip acne recipes: soup

  Ham winter melon soup: ham slices appropriate amount, winter melon slices appropriate amount of soup, add shredded onion, shredded ginger, shrimp skin, salt, sesame oil.

  Coix rice poria pork soup: 30 grams of coix rice, 30 grams of poria, 250 grams of pork, boil soup;

  Pork soup with foxglove: 20 grams of foxglove, 20 grams of plantain, 250 grams of pork, simmering soup;

  Coix rice and mung bean soup: 30 grams of adzuki beans, 30 grams of coix rice, 20 grams of mung beans, boil soup, add sugar to the right amount.

  Adzuki bean and winter melon soup with raw fish: one raw fish, winter melon (with skin) 500 grams, 60 grams of adzuki beans, 5 green onions, boil soup;

  Lip acne recipes: porridge

  Astragalus congee: 15 grams of Astragalus, 15 grams of Radix Codonopsis, 60 grams of fried coicis, 15 grams of fried lentils, 2 red dates, 100 grams of rice, cook porridge;

  Red dates and lotus seeds rose porridge: red dates 5, lotus seeds 10 grams, black sesame seeds 20g, raw malt 50g, sorghum 50g, buckwheat 30g, rose 10g, cook porridge.

  Lily porridge: 30g of lily (or 20g of dried lily powder), 100g of glutinous rice, ice sugar, cook porridge;

  Lotus seeds porridge: 20g of lotus seeds with core removed, 100g of japonica rice, cook porridge.

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