How to see the fake pimples on your face

Acne, commonly known as pimples, is the most common inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles during adolescence, which usually heals or reduces automatically after puberty. In life, many people have small bumps on their faces that look similar to acne, making it difficult to distinguish between them. In fact, these fake pimples are manifestations of certain skin diseases

  Occupational acne is closely related to the occupation and working environment, such as long-term exposure to gasoline, diesel, various lubricants, paraffin, chlorine-containing compounds, etc., which can easily cause occupational acne.

  The distribution of the rash has its own characteristics, and the typical sites are near the eyes and cheekbones, but also on the perineum, back of the hands, extremities and trunk. It is common to have blackheads and folliculitis, and some people feel itchy. If there are many blackheads and pimples, the skin can become gray; folliculitis causes abscesses in heavy cases, which can leave spots and affect the beauty of the appearance.

  Follicular worm dermatitis is a chronic inflammation caused by follicular worm parasites in the skin follicles or dermatogland, which can easily occur in people with oily skin. Papules and pustules appear on facial erythema and may crust and flake without acne.

  Acne-like drug rash is caused by certain drugs, such as iodine, bromine, isoniazid, and corticosteroids, etc. Follicular papules and pustules may appear on the skin and trunk, and may disappear on their own after stopping the drugs.

  Rosacea-like tuberculosis rash is associated with infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, with erythema, dilated capillaries, and a rash the size of a grain of corn, appearing light red or yellowish brown.

  Clusters of periorbital pimples appear in larger clusters on the lateral aspect of the eyelids and on the cheekbones, mostly in men and women aged 30-50 years. Most of the patients have ray elastosis.

  For the above this causes a skin condition similar to acne think, a dermatologist should be consulted for treatment.

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