How to eliminate acne marks and pits

The face acne is not afraid, afraid of acne is left after the acne and acne pits, which is more difficult to eliminate, how to eliminate acne marks and pits? The pimple marks pits to let it naturally eliminate the words is relatively long, here to introduce you to several methods

How to eliminate acne marks and pits

1. freeze-dried powder to eliminate acne marks and pits

Freeze-dried powder is relatively inexpensive, as a conservative treatment of products with relatively good results, the principle is to promote cell growth, speeding up the damaged fine recovery speed of acne marks acne pits.

2. fruit acid to eliminate acne marks and pits

High concentration of fruit acid can peel off the aging keratin layer, accelerate the renewal speed of keratinocytes and upper epidermal cells, promote the proliferation of elastic fibers in the dermis, so as to solve the problem of acne marks and pits, for shallow acne marks and pits have a better improvement effect.

3. vitamin E to eliminate acne marks and pits

Vitamin E with a sterilized needle puncture, applied to the pits or pimple marks, rubbing with hands for 1 minute, while adding an appropriate amount of white vinegar to the wash water, patients should drink more water, vegetables, fruits, also can eat vitamin maintenance in daily life

4. use mask to eliminate acne marks and pits

The mask can make the dead cells on the surface of the skin fall off and promote the growth of new cells, which can effectively repair acne pits, and the mask also has the effect of deep cleansing and whitening.

5. ginger slice to eliminate acne marks and pits

Ginger slices applied to the area with acne marks can also lighten the acne marks.

6. How to avoid leaving acne marks

Many people either squeeze it with their hands or leave it alone after the appearance of a pimple, which is not good, and never wait for it to ripen before dealing with it after it appears. The most crucial issue in dealing with acne and acne marks is the timeliness, to deal with control in time, do not wait until the acne is too mature oh.

Cold compress. Put an ice pack, cold wet towel, wet tea bag, or even a bag of frozen peas on the acne. Redness is caused by inflammation, use cold compresses to soothe the skin. Don’t use aspirin on your face. Many beauty mavens irresponsibly claim that ground up aspirin tablets on your face can quickly eliminate red acne marks.

The aspirin component is close to salicylic acid though, and salicylic acid is known to eliminate the redness brought on by inflammation. However, pure aspirin tablets are used for oral intake and not for applying to your face. Those without common sense in pharmacy will cause the skin surface to be coated with high concentration of aspirin, which will instead irritate the skin and make the redness more serious.

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