How should I eat during my period to avoid acne

A woman’s face is rosy and full of energy than any cosmetics can give. And to always be full of energy, you need to pay attention to menstrual health care. Do a good menstrual care, especially before and after the menstrual diet, there are also hidden in the big questions!

  Fruits have to be careful

  The fruit that is suitable for eating during menstruation are apples, figs, strawberries, tomatoes, etc., while oranges, peaches, cherries, dates, lychees, longans, pineapples, pomegranates, grapes are also suitable for eating during menstruation, it is important not to eat too much at once. The fruits to avoid during menstruation are pears, bananas, persimmons, mangoes, watermelon, kiwi and other cold foods.

  The “menstrual water”, warm tonic is the main

  In the menstrual period, should also be supplemented with some food conducive to the line of menstrual water, blood is hot, cold is stagnant, menstrual period cold, one is an obstacle to digestion, the second is easy to hurt the body’s Yang Qi, resulting in internal cold, cold stagnation, can make the menstrual blood does not run smoothly, resulting in too little menstrual blood, and even dysmenorrhea. Even in the summer season, menstruation should not eat cold drinks, and warm tonic is appropriate, such as the choice of mutton, chicken, dates, tofu skin, apples, milk, brown sugar, motherwort, angelica, cinnamon and other foods.

  Light and easy to digest is preferred

  During menstruation, Mei Mei feel particularly fatigued, digestive function is weakened, appetite is poor, Ying female, diet should pay attention to the lightness of food and the use of nutritious, spleen and appetite, easy to digest food, avoid eating too acidic and stimulating food, in order to maintain nutritional balance should be consumed at the same time fresh vegetables and fruits. Food is mainly fresh, not only tasty, easy to absorb, and less nutritional damage.

  Prevent iron deficiency, meat and vegetable mix

  Iron is an essential trace element in the human body, iron is not only involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin and many important enzymes, but also has an important role in immunity, intelligence, aging and energy metabolism. Due to the loss of iron during menstruation, it is very important to supplement iron-rich foods. Fish, lean meat, animal liver, animal blood and other iron-rich, and biologically active, easy to be absorbed and used by the body. So the menstrual diet should pay attention to the meat and vegetarian mix, appropriate to eat more animal foods to meet the special needs of iron during menstruation.

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