How does Whitehead acne remove

Many people in life may have whiteheads on their facial skin, many people in order to maintain the external image, so they like to squeeze the acne with their hands, although the acne is indeed squeezed away, but it may lead to large pores, acne face muscle and other problems, but if the whiteheads are not removed in a timely manner, it may evolve into herpes or blackheads. How to remove whiteheads? What are the tips to get rid of whiteheads? Let’s learn more about it!

  How to remove whiteheads?

  (1) Be sure to do a good job of cleaning care in a timely manner

  It is not difficult to find whitehead acne more likely to appear in the face of oily skin, this is because the oil clogged pores lead to skin problems. Therefore, if you want to eliminate whiteheads smoothly, you must first clean your face thoroughly, especially for those women who like to wear makeup, it is important to keep removing makeup thoroughly every day.

  (2) Steam your face

  After doing the cleaning care, use warm water to steam your face, can promote the facial skin pores to keep smooth, but also can play a role in cleaning and convergence of pores effect, to a certain extent to reduce the generation of whiteheads acne, for the skin care is also very helpful.

  (3) Smear some mung bean powder

  How to remove whiteheads? We know that mung beans have a significant detoxifying effect, and grinding them into mung bean powder can also be used to eliminate whiteheads. After washing your face every night, boil mung bean powder into a paste and then apply the paste to the affected area with a cotton swab.

  The above is about how to remove whitehead acne, in fact, there are many ways to help remove whitehead acne, you can choose the corresponding method according to their actual situation, as long as the proper care effect must be very significant. Of course, you can’t do something to damage your skin in order to blindly get rid of whiteheads, which is very “more than worth it”.

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