Healthy diet women to remove acne recipes

Acne vulgaris is usually common acne, caused by solid heat in the lungs and stomach, mostly accompanied by dry mouth, bad breath and constipation. Treatment can be done with loquat and lung clearing drink, along with topical application of upside-down powder.

  Celery and Snow Pear Juice

  Take appropriate amount of celery, 1 tomato, 1 pear, lemon half. Wash and stir together into juice in a juicer and drink once a day.

  Efficacy: celery is rich in fiber, can filter the body’s waste, stimulate the body detoxification, effective against the body due to the accumulation of toxins caused by skin damage; tomatoes are cool, sweet and sour, can clear heat and fluid, containing the composition of nikonic acid can protect the skin; Sydney can nourish Yin and clear heat, fire and fluid; lemon contains niacin and rich organic acids, can sterilize, eliminate pigmentation, the above four flavors stir juice The above four flavors can be stirred and taken together, which is effective for acne caused by heat in the lungs and damp heat in the spleen and stomach. As with all dietary remedies, the effect of celery and pear juice is internal regulation, and short-term results are impossible. However, stomach ulcers, excessive acid secretion, menstruating women should not drink too much. At the same time, avoid using oil and grease skin care products and eat less greasy food to help heal acne.

  Acne is mostly caused by heart fire, lung heat, damp heat in the spleen and stomach, and liver qi stagnation. Consciously choosing foods with cooling, heat-removing and detoxifying effects in your diet and eating them in an appropriate way will serve the purpose of getting rid of acne. The expert professor recommends a celery and snow pear juice.

  In addition to medication, acne can also be treated with diet. Here are the following recipes, for trial reference.

  1. Peach kernel hawthorn tea:.

  Peach kernel 9 grams, hawthorn 9 grams, mother of pearl 9 grams, lotus leaf half, green tea appropriate amount. Add 1000 ml of water to the first four flavors, boil with a martial fire, change the fire for 15 minutes, remove the dregs to take the juice, put it into a warm bottle, and use it to brew green tea. Drink it all in one day, and take it for 30 days to show the effect.

2. turnip celery onion juice:

  A large red radish, celery 150 grams, a small onion. The big red radish root and green head, chopped; celery leaves, cut into small sections; small onion peeled off the old skin, chopped for the dice, into the juicer juice to drink. Once a day.

  3. apple and radish cabbage juice:.

  Apples, carrots 400 grams each, cabbage 200 grams, the amount of honey. The first three flavors washed and chopped, into the juicer juice, add honey to drink. Take often.

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