Teach you how to get rid of menstrual acne?

The body detoxifies during menstruation, while the physiological level of the body also undergoes corresponding changes, especially the hormonal factors in the body, leading to the rise of keratinocytes and clogged pores, thus triggering acne.   To regulate this acne, in addition to using some acne removal products, there are some dietary taboos.   1. Keep your … Read more

Can ginger remove acne marks

In our life, the highest utilization of ginger, generally ginger can be into the dishes, in addition to ginger can drive cold, of course, the most important is ginger can remove acne marks? This is a very important issue for many women. This is because when we reach puberty, most of our friends will have … Read more

How can I beat acne for good?

The woman’s natural enemy, it will hinder the woman’s beauty, if it is adolescent acne that forget it, after all, still small well! The actual reason for this is that a lot of women who are over 25 years old are also full of acne. The actual fact is that acne has a great deal … Read more

How do acne marks form?

The pimple marks are very distressing to many beauty lovers, and if you don’t eliminate them in time, they will be with you, which is really annoying. The actual formation of pimple marks is how? We’ll find out together.   How is the formation of acne marks?   1, improper squeezing of acne.   I believe that many … Read more

How to get rid of forehead acne

In our lives, I believe there are many people have had the experience of acne, then you know how to eliminate forehead acne? The reason for the cheek pimples and what are they, what can you eat to relieve the long term pimples on your face, next, go with me to understand it. How to … Read more