Pimples turn into hard bumps

It’s a particularly distressing thing to have acne, and most people have experienced the torment of acne, which is recurring and also affects the aesthetics. But there are many different kinds of acne, including pustular acne, acne, inflammatory acne, etc. Different acne treatments are different. Some people who are troubled by acne find that their … Read more

Why do you always have recurring acne

Patients with acne often have this confusion, I have tried very hard to treat acne, why it still keeps popping up, and often in the same place. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items. Why repeatedly … Read more

There is a kind of despair, called “after 25 is still acne”

Nothing in this world doesn’t get old, except for one thing –Your acne.No matter to which shade your dark circles have darkened because of late nights, your hairline has receded a few centimeters because of overtime work.The pimples will always be there, always young, always making you cry.When you are a student, this thing is … Read more

Will acne heal on its own?

I often have friends with acne ask me this. “I don’t have money or time right now, can I ignore it?” “If I wait until I have more time or funds to treat it, is it okay?” Since acne is mainly related to the age of puberty, the theory and the fact is that the … Read more

Will acne pits never heal for life?

In ordinary life there are many people’s face appeared some pockmarks, mainly after the growth of acne did not get the correct elimination, after leaving some pockmarks, so that people’s appearance was greatly affected, and for these pockmarks found to be very difficult to eliminate, so that people are very headache, so pockmarks will not … Read more

Is it good to squeeze blackheads

In our lives, many male friends have a few blackhead habits, because if we find ourselves with black spots on the nose, it may make us look dirty. Male friends and do not know how to condition the facial skin, in most cases will use their hands to squeeze blackheads, in fact, the impact of … Read more

Why do you have blackheads?

Many people often have blackheads on both sides of the nose, and often use their hands to squeeze, the more squeeze the more serious, in this case will hurt the surface layer of the skin, so many people will ask what is the cause of blackheads in the end? In addition to how to completely … Read more