Acne removal is a technical task, do not squeeze

The face a pimple, will feel uncomfortable, from time to time touch or even look uncomfortable to squeeze the pimple, but some pimples are not you want to squeeze can squeeze, because after squeezing off may be pus poorly handled will leave pits, and even other dangers, so for the pimple treatment to be careful, do not just squeeze with your hands.

  The right way to deal with acne

  The first thing you need to do is to find out why you have acne, whether it’s a physical skin problem or an endocrine problem or a hygiene habit problem, and then take the right medicine to stop the situation from getting worse. For example, if the endocrine disorder is caused by lack of sleep or diet, which disrupts the skin’s metabolism, then you should adjust your routine and diet before dealing with the acne.

  After squeezing the pimple with a sterilized acne needle, it is best to apply an anti-inflammatory ointment followed by medical tape or breathable adhesive tape. Keep applying the anti-inflammatory cream until the pimple is no longer red and swollen before using artificial skin or pimple patch.

  It is important to note that you should clean your hands and skin before squeezing a pimple, and your tools must be disinfected, and after squeezing a pimple, the anti-inflammatory and pore shrinkage should also be done. The last word, if you can’t handle it yourself, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

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