Acne-prone skin recovery steps

A pimple is a very annoying skin phenomenon, because after the pimple, the pimple area will appear red, swollen and itchy, and there are pus pockets inside. In order to avoid scarring of the facial skin, it is important not to scratch with your hands when you have a pimple, otherwise it is extremely easy to leave scars. The skin care steps for acne sufferers are also different from normal people, and those who have had acne will learn the skin recovery steps together.
Step 1: I believe many people know that to clean the face, there are acne friends try not to use face wash or use and its mild face wash, such as children’s, will be very good for acne recovery, because my own acne is also so good
The second step: do not think that acne can not be used for anything, wrong! The reason for this is because the skin is dehydrated, because once the skin is dehydrated it will secrete oil to protect our skin from drying out and peeling.
In the long run, more oil secretion, plus the accumulation of old keratin. Well, acne is going to say hallo to you. So the root of acne is still caused by skin dehydration, usually you can do seaweed mask, especially good, can lighten acne marks can also hydrate whitening. The other functional sets are best not to use, even if expensive, because if too nutritious, our skin will not be able to load and produce fat particles as well as closed acne, so to hydrate not to supplement the oil.
The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a good deal on your own.
The last step is more simple, directly coated with the most common aloe vera gel (best bought from a reliable place) do not look at the aloe vera gel is very ordinary, with the bad words also on the acne muscle without any help.

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