8 major beauty vices, acne endless

What is the most frightening skin problem for beautiful people? I am afraid that more than 85% of the beauty will choose acne. Acne, not only fast, slow, and once improperly handled, the consequences are endless! Want to make acne less hair, or even not hair, to pay attention to the usual habits of life!

  1, excessive face washing

  If you wash your face, it is better to wash it once in the morning and once in the evening. Because excessive face washing will stimulate the skin to secrete oil, more likely to breed bacteria.

  2, did not pay attention to dry face after sweating

  Bacteria are more likely to survive in an alkaline environment, while healthy skin is weakly acidic. The sweat is weak alkaline, so after sweating without drying the face will let the face stay in a weak alkaline state, bacteria will have the opportunity to take advantage of.

8 beauty vices acne endless

  3, touching the face and cheek

  Many times will unintentionally touch the face or cheek, but did not think that these small movements will bring the bacteria on your hands to the face, so that the bacteria stay on the face, which is the cause of acne in your face Oh.

  4, do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, love to eat meat

  The reason is that the meat will make the digestive system is not normal, that is, not easy to digest, so it will produce acne Oh. So love to eat meat you should also eat more cauliflower, carrots, milk, etc. to make their digestive system work properly.

5, fast food, noodles are also acne culprits

  Many JMS will choose to figure convenient, eat eat fast food or noodles, but these foods will be constipated, and constipation is also a cause of acne.

  6, drink less water

  The actual fact is that you will not only have to be outside, use the spray or moisturizing water to make the skin surface moisturized, but also pay attention to drinking water, not to achieve the water-oil balance, that the skin will naturally secrete the extra oil, so it will not grow acne?

  7, do not sleep on time

  The best time to sleep is from 10:00 to 6:00, because 10:00 to 2:00 is the most active time for skin metabolism, so a good rest is a good way to stop acne.

  8, do not pay attention to bed hygiene

  Don’t eat in bed, because those snacks fall on the bed will breed bacteria. The most important point is to put pillowcases, sheets, blankets, which will be in direct contact with the skin supplies to wash and dry often. The most important thing is that the pillowcases, sheets, blankets and other items that will be in direct contact with the skin are often washed and dried out.

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